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Top tips from Advance Air Conditioning Services 

Tips for maintaining your home's air conditioning unit

Keeping your air conditioning system in good shape helps ensure it’s working at full capacity – helping you save money on electricity bills and possible repair costs down the road, as well as upholding the longevity and air quality of your system.

Canstar Blue and Fujitsu both have articles about maintaining your air conditioner, and your operation manual may have instructions for basic maintenance you can safely do at home.

To get you started, here are our top tips for maintaining your air conditioner.

  1. Make sure you turn all power off!
    It may seem obvious, but when it comes to cleaning your air conditioning unit, it’s safety first. Make sure your any power points your unit is plugged into are turned off before you clean. This goes for both the indoor and the outdoor unit.
  2. Filters
    The filters located in the indoor air conditioning unit tend to need cleaning more regularly than the rest of the unit, but they’re usually designed to be the easiest to clean because of this. Clogged and dirty filters reduce air quality and efficiency of your unit, so making sure to check them is a smart move to make. Refer to the manufacturer’s operating manual to learn how to access and best clean your filter.
  3. Don’t forget the outdoor unit
    Make sure the outdoor unit is clear from debris and obstruction, and give the exterior casing a quick wipe down while you’re at it. Our technicians can teach you which parts of the outdoor unit you can safely clean to prevent build up restricting airflow.
  4. Professional service Whether it’s your annual service, or just a quick clean for those with busy lives, our professional technicians are happy to help. They’ll make sure that your system is operating as smoothly as possible, so you can keep reaping the benefits of a healthy and efficient air conditioner.

If you’d prefer some face-to-face guidance or tailored instructions for you specific unit, our technicians can visit and show you simple maintenance tasks – such as cleaning filters – in person. Did Advance Air Conditioning Services install your current unit? In most cases, we’re happy to revisit you for complimentary training on how to best use your system.

Did you know that residential air conditioners should be serviced yearly? Advance Air Conditioning Services provides Service Plans to our customers, taking the hassle out of remembering when your unit needs a service.

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